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A guide in England, Part IV

Working as a keeper might not earn much of a salary, but it has its benefits, namely gaining free entry to other wildlife parks. During this time the four of us (Polly, Cameron, Tyra and myself) got to go to London Zoo, Whipsnade, Banham, Woburn Park, Marwell, Wildwoods and Colchester. […]

A guide in England, Part III

Kent is a wonderful county and full of all kinds of beauties; lovely wooded areas filled with bluebells and snowdrops, grassed hills, rolling country roads in and out of old picturesque villages, and fantastic views. One of the best was in fact at Livingstone Lodge itself, overlooking the English Channel […]

A guide in England, Part II

Well, I’m back from Part I and I do hope you enjoy the continuing story of a guide in England. Little did I know at the time that I was actually about to become exactly that… Back on track I’m going off on tangents now and need to get back […]

A guide in England, Part I

A new life overseas I arrived in the UK early September, 2006, in a little area called Bassingbourn, just outside of Cambridge. I had done all I could to expect the worst. I’d never been overseas before and spent many years working in the bush, away from civilization. All I […]

Starting out in wildlife, Part II

…the continuation of life at Moholoholo…(see Starting out in wildlife, Part I) Meet & greet in the mornings   We did a lot of teaching in the area, helping locals, helping farmers. It was good work and it often paid off, with some farmers even buying their own traps to […]

Starting out in wildlife, Part I

The reason This is my second post in 5 years; nothing to boast about really, but I do hope there will be more to come. I started out in that first post, feeling like it was the beginning of a blogging career for me, but it became an ordeal. Once […]

Elephant Culling in Africa

So, here’s a highly controversial subject. What do we all know about culling? Well, the general consensus seems to be that a bunch of animals are killed as humanely as possible in order to alleviate overpopulation issues. Most people seem to understand the necessities of these programs and except it…..unless […]