We have had so much help that we are concerned we will lose track of who has helped us and where.

First and foremost is a huge thank you to all our families, closest friends and complete strangers too for that matter. The support we have had has been outstanding and carried us over some difficult hurdles. There are so many people that have provided help in many different ways; from once off donations to hands on voluntary work, from solid advice to bundles of shade cloth, etc. There will never be enough space to thank all of these people, but you know who you are, and you know how much we appreciate you!





Brackenburn Private Nature Reserve: this is the reserve on which we are established, something that would not have been possible had it not been for the property owner, Brenda, and her determination to be a responsible caretaker to her patch of garden route.


Nature’s Valley Trust: their mission; “To maintain the long term environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and surrounds by becoming proactively involved in issues that impact on the future of the area”. We partner with NVT in several ways on various conservation programs, assist each other with our volunteer programs, and run combined education outings for school groups.


ORCA Foundation: we aid each other on the volunteer programmes and provide the perfect place for volunteers to come and gain experience in the field, help rid the area of invasive plant species, and be involved with any other current programme.


Plettenberg Bay Veterinary Clinic: a marvelous veterinary clinic, providing a base depot for any animal drop-offs for us, an initial stabilization of all animals that come in, veterinary care, and plenty of advice.



Homemade With Love: a fabulous home-based bakery that always supplies our Young C.R.E.W. Scamps Day Camps with its renowned catering. Sometimes we suspect the kids only join us for the food! This local business covers all areas of small-scale catering and, like ourselves, is founded on a pride in the product.


Maverick Administrative Professionals: this is a great local business that has helped us with our admin on many occasions. They handle absolutely anything to do with administration, so look them up!

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