Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are exceptionally important in the work C.R.E.W. does. Time taken to hand raise most of these animals creates calm and responsive natures, ensuring they thrive on all the attention they attract.

Human/wildlife interactions are becoming taboo in today’s world, and with just cause. We at Brackenburn are not entirely against the concept due to undeniable educational benefits; we have however, chosen to involve domestic animals in these interactive activities, finding them equally educational and bringing the added bonus of thriving on the experience. Animal handling demands rigorous regulation and a thorough understanding; any interactive experiences are, without question, conducted on the animals terms.

We have developed a domestic animal side to our facility for a number of reasons:

  • Everyone has a soft spot for baby guinea pigs and rabbits!
  • Learning the responsibilities of taking on a pet animal through the interactive programmes we have on Brackenburn, like our Young C.R.E.W. volunteers and Young C.R.E.W. Nature Club
  • They are a wonderful way to teach all ages the broader respect needed to protect all forms of wildlife

Guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, rats and, of course, Cara the donkey – some of our treasured residents…

Video Footage:

We post new video clips regularly, and you can also see all of our video uploads by checking out our YouTube page here.

This clip shows our latest baby bunnies and guinea pigs interacting and moving around on the couch. All are still very young here, less than 3 weeks old…

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