Meet the C.R.E.W.


The C.R.E.W. is Mark and Polly, a wonderful mix of characters with many and varied skills. Decades of experience in a broad spectrum of the wildlife industry, in-depth knowledge of local natural history, and superb photographic abilities, have combined with an inexhaustible enthusiasm and drive to see that others have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the natural world.

Making up the rest of the C.R.E.W. is a wonderful array of domestic animals; rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and Cara the donkey. Although the business is wildlife oriented, we rely heavily on these domestic animals for interactive fun, teaching, and training in the forms of outreach to schools, group visits on the reserve, our Nature Clubs & Scamps Day Camps, as well as once a week at the Harkerville market.

These animals have become a big part of who we are and are fabulous at teaching kids and adults all about handling, husbandry, dietary and housing needs.


The owner of Brackenburn:

Brenda Berge has not only given us the permission to set up and run Brackenburn C.R.E.W., but she is also a board member of our non-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre.



A brief video clip showing off some of the wonderful animals we have been privileged enough to work with over the years…

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