Professional Volunteering

Join our Professional Volunteering program to get a hands-on experience of what terrestrial bird rehabilitation is all about. You won’t get to do a lot of selfies with our animals, but we promise that the feeling of having made a real difference will absolutely make up for it…

We are proudly not a part of the unethical scams that make up the bulk of highly lucrative volunteering activities in Africa; so if you are looking to cuddle large predators, we are not the facility for you.


We give you the chance to:

  • be in the front line of a working nature reserve
  • practice conservation
  • benefit the enormous variety of wildlife that comes through our rehabilitation centre
  • show and teach these concepts to the next generation
  • help with school and scout groups
  • be hands-on with our specially designed sensory tours
  • design and conduct research projects in a variety of fields

This professional volunteering program is set up for those already involved in wildlife or conservation-related work, i.e. working as an animal keeper, studying a wildlife/conservation related subject, veterinary practice, involved in education, or work at a relevant institute. We encourage you to contact us if you think your field of work or abilities are relevant in alternative areas, i.e. farm management, engineering, handyman etc. We can encompass and utilise a wide variety of skills.

The work required is demanding, but we guarantee it will also be rewarding and exciting. Two days of leisure each week can be spent exploring the many and varied attractions in the surrounding area.

Volunteer accommodation. 5


Costs and packages:

The fees are nominal, with volunteers sharing the self-catering accommodation. We recommend a minimum stay of one month, but the longer your stay with us, the more you can expect to be involved and hope to achieve.

Duration: Amount: Includes:
1 month £360.00 Self-catering accommodation, two transfers within 50 km radius, all necessary training and equipment, on-site WiFi, regular trips to town for supplies.
2 months £710.00 All of the above
3 months £1060.00 All of the above
4 months +   You will be charged a flat rate of £350.00 per month and all of the above is included

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