Care about making a difference but unable to join our volunteer program any time soon? Got some unused vet supplies or loads of money but nowhere to to go to lighten your load? You’re thinking about dedicating some me-time to the greater cause? We think we’re just the right place for you…

Below are lists of various items, including your time, that could help Brackenburn C.R.E.W. tremendously and, as a result, help wildlife and people. We are an organisation established around education and would like to try and do so free of charge for special needs groups as well as all local schools. However, this can only be achieved with your help.


Support Us Now:


Donations List:

Clinic Equipment

General Equipment

Your Time and Money

Syringes Towels & Blankets Here at the facility, a little goes a long way in supporting sustainable conservation work; including re-establishing an indigenous and intact ecosystem teeming with wildlife on our attached 150ha property – the last one of its size and condition in the area (more here). It is hence ideally suited for creating a wildlife safe haven for future generations to enjoy. However, rehabilitation is demanding work and requires dedication, financial resources and individual’s time on an on-going basis. And all of which we are in need of here at the centre.

Should you have some time or donations to spare, please do Contact Us to find out more about how to become involved or arrange for a collection/drop-off.

Darrows Hot water bottles
Stomach tubes Newspapers &Clipboards
Ultra-sonic Nebuliser Disinfectant & Bandages/swabs
Ringer Lactate Plastic storage boxes
Skin prep solution/Germicide Spray bottles & Pet carrier boxes
Deworming products Fencing & Poles
Heat mats Astro-turf & Carpet cut-offs
Microscope Shadecloth & Head torches
Various types of furniture found in veterinary clinics, incl. tables & countertops 2-way radio system
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