Local Volunteering

If there is anyone within an hours drive of us and you have some spare time to give, this page is for you
We have various concepts designed for the local volunteer:

  • One-dayer: If ever you feel like helping wildlife and conservation in the area, please come and give us your time and help. We can offer teas and coffees, and you will leave knowing you have helped our facility immensely.
  • Weekly help: Want to come and volunteer on a continuing basis? This one will see you not only helping us, but you will also slowly get involved with the rehabilitation work and husbandry side. You will be able to follow, and be a part of, the animals recuperation and release process, go on multiple trails with the owners, design enrichment projects, and help out with various groups that are visiting us.
  • Lie-in volunteer: South African, but not local? This is the programme for you. We offer cheap, onsite accommodation and it is self catering (don’t worry, we will always make sure that you get to the shops for food). This has no minimum or maximum time to it and you can go from one or two nights to as long as you can stay, working for free.


We have various projects in the planning stage at the moment so please do check back on this page as we slowly update our work.

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