Awareness & Outreach

Education, education, education…

There is arguably nothing more important than education in this world. This is never more true than in the wildlife industry.

Education is the one thing that encompasses all aspects of conservation and wildlife. It is the single most invaluable tool that can solve the seemingly insurmountable problems that face wildlife today; persecution, poaching, mismanagement, habitat destruction, extinctions, etc.

It is our belief that any wildlife centre open to the public must have a solid educational programme up and running. Without this aspect, wildlife rehabilitation becomes an almost useless entity. Remember that, without educating ourselves as to the reasons that brought it in, rehabilitating and releasing an animal in itself rarely makes a difference; we have to learn and we have to go out and try to fix the problems.


What we do…

Awareness forms the foundation of what we do here at Brackenburn, this is why the C.R.E.W. is doing in-situ educational programmes with schools and various other groups. We also do outreaches – the invaluable resource of taking selected animals and props to other facilities; teaching in your own back yard, so to speak.
In addition to this we are working with local communities, conservancies and home-owners; building awareness for, and understanding, the far-reaching effects of such issues as littering, pesticides, and poaching.

  • school groups
  • scout groups
  • special needs sensory tours
  • young C.R.E.W. volunteering
  • young C.R.E.W. nature club
  • young C.R.E.W. scamps day camps
  • professional volunteering
  • guided trails for all ages
  • corporate and birthday party outreaches

Please contact us here for more details.

Long term vision…

Ultimately we aim to get to a ‘facility training’ stage, whereby we can franchise a working professional system of wildlife rehabilitation and education. This would mean that by providing all of the necessary training and the ongoing support, a widespread network of many small centres would become available across the country.

Such an organisation will enable local wildlife and local issues to be focused on, with the uncompromising commitment of a reputable and supportive network. This integral system would thereby relieve the overwhelming pressures that are felt by those centres trying to spread their limited resources across whole provinces.

This is a very costly project, but one we feel to be immensely important and will help empower local individuals and communities to take care of, respect, utilise, and teach about, wildlife; their wildlife.

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