The Wildlife Shop

Saturday mornings will find us at the Harkerville Market, 8am to 12pm.





Expert advice available on anything wildlife-related, or regarding small animal care and husbandry.

Come and have a chat.



Our stall is always a bit of a social point, kids visit us weekly . . . though mostly to see our animals!

We are known for having an array of domestic animals with us; rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats. If you visit our stall and see a few kids sitting quietly, you know the bunnies and piggies are out . . . if there are squeals and giggles, then the it has to be rat time!

The animal handling is not just a fun cuddle-fix though, come and learn about correct handling of small animals, their housing, diets, enrichment and fun.

Re-ignite the pleasure of having a small pet, and make your life and theirs one of mutual enjoyment.




Glossy prints – our photography, professionally mounted and available in three sizes.

Ask us regarding special order prints, canvases and local deliveries.

These are photos we have taken over many years, and will happily regale the myriad of stories surrounding each one – where, when, events before and after the scene, etc.

All-purpose greeting cards – high quality, hand made and individually packaged. Our photography presented in its widest form.



Hugely popular, we simply can’t make these feeders fast enough.

Great for all kinds of garden birds, and make a unique and attractive gift:

  • simple to use
  • easy to clean
  • unbreakable
  • rust-proof
  • hang in the trees . . . birds just can’t resist them!

Two types are available, the simple spiral form that holds whole fruits, creating a natural suspended feeding station for the birds; the other is a combination feeder holding fruit, seed, mealworms and nectar.

Whichever you choose, we guarantee endless hours of fun and education.



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