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C.R.E.W. Admissions:

Below are a series of photos showing you what is currently at the rehabilitation centre. Most, if not all of these animals are off limits to visitors, but please inquire about them and we will happily update you on where they are at present in their rehabilitation process. As they are released, we will remove the photo from here and also update the admissions blog accordingly so you can follow the animals process from admission to eventual release.

It is the quiet time of the year and we are thus concentrating on paperwork and our domestics.

 C.R.E.W. Domestics:

Brackenburn Camera Trap (2015):

Brackenburn Camera Trap Footage:

Brackenburn Camera Trap Archives:

Below you’ll find a sneak peek at some of the resident wildlife on the property. We’ve also released some animals over the past year which¬†include genet, turaco, doves, swifts, cuckoos, mousebirds, thick-knees, and striped mice.

C.R.E.W. Archives:

Below are a few images from the past work done by the co-founders. Images that highlight some of the wonderful animals they have had the pleasure of working with in their lives.


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