Nature Club

Young Crew, Nature Club


Safe, Fun, Outdoors, Educational, Interactive


Third Sunday of every month, 08.45 – 14.00


R150 per child (R100 per extra sibling)

Includes tea, juice and a light lunch


Suitable for ages 8 – 13 years


Here on Brackenburn PNR


Young C.R.E.W. Nature Club is a real chance for young people to get out, develop their natural curiosity, and learn more about nature. It is a day for mixed ages and abilities to work together and be involved in a variety of social and educational activities, whilst giving everyone the opportunity to progress each month.

All in a days work:


Spoor Card 1 Amateur Naturalists – Learn outdoor skills from an experienced field guide

  • Basic ID: Birding, Tracking, Trees, Fynbos…&…&…
  • Bush Skills – how to read tracks, survival in the wild…
  • Observation skills
  • Nature notes
  • Animal behaviour
  • Wildlife rehabilitation – local wildlife in trouble; the role of rehab in conservation and the community


Spoor Card 3 Forest and River Walks – Putting naturalist skills into practice

  • Appreciation of the natural world
  • Improving awareness and respect
  • Exploration and adventure
  • Teamwork and enthusiasm


Spoor Card 2 Educational Talks – We invite professionals and amateur enthusiasts to come and tell us of their specific roles in wildlife and in conservation.

This is a chance to see and appreciate the many and varied career paths that can be taken in the worlds of wildlife, conservation, research, veterinary work, community work, and many others.


Spoor Card 5 Animal Husbandry and Interaction – No pets at home? Enjoy all the fun and none of the hassle.

  • Interactive time with our ridiculously friendly donkey, rabbits, ratties  and guinea pigs
  • Animal handling and advice
  • Basic pet care
  • Understand the responsibilities of a pet
  • Animal enrichment and what makes pets fun


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